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SilverStripe is a super lightweight yet powerful CMS and framework combo ideal for small to medium-size business solutions such as high-end websites, rich internet applications (RIA) and sophisticated business projects with luxury look and feel, impressive user experience and unmatched ease of use.

With its intelligent ORM, smart routing and customization flexibility, SilverStripe offers all the advantages of an enterprise system that grows along your organization, scaling to fit your evolving requirements.

Its flexible and modular paradigm allow building a bespoke solution required and continue to add things on later with no hassle or technology limitations. 

SilverStripe is genuinely architected to safeguard your data whether it be from malicious activity or inadvertent loss. With strong API integration points, customization, and support for multi-server cloud configurations, SilverStripe scales excellently to high-volume Internet traffic for content-rich and transactional applications.

SilverStripe is the first Microsoft Certified open source CMS used by governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations around the world, especially in Australia and New Zealand. 

With its impressive, fluent and robust development paradigm comparable to that of Laravel, SilverStripe jumps one step ahead with its responsive out-of-the-box CMS.

SilverStripe is by far among the most advanced web app frameworks and CMS in the PHP ecosystem, leveraging the best of PHP 7 OOP has to offer from performance to stability and scalability when configured properly.

It runs reliably on both Microsoft and Linux web servers, and integrates well with the open source and commercial back-end systems commonly found within companies and government organizations.

Security is always a top of the mind concern for us here at Cyberflare. SilverStripe's strong Object Oriented architecture, separation of concerns and logic when it comes to components ensure its high security and auditability.

We draw on over years industry experience with small to large tech engagements to take your business to the next level. We deliver a highly customised and affordable solution with features that are built exclusively to address your business needs. 

We approach each project uniquely, and according to its specific needs to help your organization gain a digital edge over its competitors.

We are experts at translating your requirements into powerful, enterprise-grade software or integrating your core business processes and client-facing applications. 

We understand your sense of urgency and accountability to deliver, deploy, upgrade or manage your business applications seamlessly, securely, efficiently and inexpensively. 

Our Australia-based security-first services are affordable and hassle-free, tailored to your specific and urgent needs:

  • SilverStripe Web Application Development
  • SilverStripe Upgrade, Maintenance and Support
  • SilverStripe Integration, including Salesforce, custom APIs, payment, ticketing etc. 
  • SilverStripe Migration & Porting (inc. from or to another framework)
  • SilverStripe Enterprise System 
  • SilverStripe Performance Optimization 
  • SilverStripe Security Tuning, including post-testing/audit remediation
  • Cloud & Server Management from your provider of your choice 
  • Full-service technology services 
  • Startup and small business technology partnership
  • Australia-based support and consulting

Enquire today to find out how we can help your business or organization with its technological needs.

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