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Cybersecurity refers to a broad set of techniques and strategies used to protect the integrity of business operations, networks, systems and sensitive data from cyber attack, damage or unauthorized access.

There are certain malicious operators (both individual and institutional) around the world attempting to steal sensitive information to profit and to disrupt businesses and governments. For years now, the Australian government has been subject to cyber attacks from foreign parties and even state actors. Irrespective of size, all businesses and organizations are exposed to cyber threats and require cyber risk management. 

Determined hackers will go to great lengths to breach an organization’s cyber defences. If they’re trying to hack into your business, they’re likely to draw on a known arsenal of attacks that have proven to be highly effective. 

Just one successful cyberattack can seriously damage your business and create financial burden for you and your customers. It can also have disastrous effects on your business’s reputation.

To effectively mitigate cyber risks and , you’ll need an accurate picture of your company’s security vulnerabilities and cyber resilience. Regular vulnerability assessment and testing can be performed to evaluate the target organization's posture. However, building cyber resilience must be the ultimate goal, as explored below. 

We offer affordable cybersecurity and resilience building solutions and services tailored for the needs of small to medium and family businesses. 


  • Cybersecurity Assessment & Management

    ASIC views cyber security as one of the most significant concerns for Australia's economy. Cyberflare offers a variety of cyber security assessment, vulnerability and penetration testing services.

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  • Almost half of all targeted attacks struck small and medium businesses, according to Australian government. When targeted with a significant cyber breach, 60 percent go out of business within six months.

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    Cybersecurity for Small Business
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), once a distant dream, has become a tangible reality impacting various sectors, including cybersecurity. With the rise of large language models (LLMs), chatbots, and AI coders, the terrain of cybersecurity is being...

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  • Getting a clear picture of your business’s technical and emotional preparedness to withstand ever-evolving cyber threats is pivotal to a successful cyber security strategy to achieve cyber resilience. You might be lucky today, but determined...

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    Penetration Testing
  • ICT Consulting & Strategy Advisory

    Affordable end-to-end digital transformation advisory and strategic IT consulting services to private and public sector organizations across Australia and the Pacific

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